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About Me

A marketing and communications consultant, working across a variety of sectors, and a non-executive director and advisor to a number of startups, I work on a diverse range of digital initiatives across Yorkshire. Recent projects have included:

  • creating PR and marketing strategies for clients including:
    • a data services consultancy
    • a global software firm
    • a data centre
    • an insolvency practice
  • sourcing participants for a ten-week scale-up programme
  • helping a multi-national company to establish relationships with local civic and business leaders

    I’m also the Festival Director of the Leeds Digital Festival which celebrates digital culture in all its forms. The 2019 Festival saw 240 events with over 25,000 attendees during the two weeks, covering topics from data to fintech to digital health to arts.


    I’m a board director and adviser to a number of startups.

    'Dates announced with 60 events already in calendar for UK’s largest digital sector event outside London Tech Weeks'

    13th March 2019


    I have experience of working across a number of different initiatives, from scale programmes to cultural collaborations to large tech events.

    What can I do for your business?

    I have over 20 years experience working with companies at every level, from multinationals right through to early stage startups.


    Get in touch today to arrange a friendly consultation and see what I can do for you.

    PR & Communication

    I can work with you to build and deliver a bespoke PR and communications strategy to generate awareness amongst your target audience and deliver against your commercial objectives.

    Business Development

    I work closely with management, sales and marketing teams to develop a strong understanding of the target audience and business' end goal.

    Board Advisory

    I currently sit on the board of multiple startups, institutions and initiatives, providing various different advisory roles. I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to get involved with.

    Corporate Scale-up Programmes

    Having been part of PWC's Scale programme for the Yorkshire & Humber region this year, and other initiatives, I can bring value to institutions wanting to create and implement programmes at every level.

    Content Strategy & Delivery

    We can work with you to plan and create an effective content strategy to help you achieve your brand goals.

    Connection Building

    A strong network is key to building strategic relationships. I help people and firms build connections with key influencers from the business and civic communities.

    Early Stage Investment

    Having contributed to a number of startups' investment rounds, I'm able to bring comprehensive early stage knowledge and connections to this pivotal part of a startup's roadmap.

    Marketing & Distribution

    I can provide an independent assessment of the major distribution channels within your business in order to recommend the optimum way to expand reach and grow revenue.

    ♦ Leeds Station, Yorkshire

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